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The given Terms and Conditions regulate your right to use the Service named MAXISIGNALS.COM. It takes effect instantly after accessing or when using the Service named MAXISIGNALS.COM and is considered valid right until the access is suspended or canceled.

You accept the following Terms and Conditions of the Service automatically when making use of the this website. We reserve the right to alter the Terms and Conditions at any time we want. This means that you should recheck these Terms and Conditions from time to time to make sure you comply with the changes as well. When still using the website after certain changes to the Terms and Conditions were made, you automatically agree to them whether you have read them or not. If you do not agree with any part of the Term and Conditions, you must close the website and never use it.


All the services rendered by MAXISIGNALS.COM and all the related websites are provided AS IS. The list of services includes paid online trading signals for binary options and Forex. The paid signals come in monthly and annual packages. On top of that, on the client's request and consent, the Service may render information services by sending related emails.


All the services rendered by MAXISIGNALS.COM are limited to people aged 18+. All people aged under 18 can ONLY get access to MAXISIGNALS.COM if it is granted by one of the parents or tutors within the framework of common family access. In each of the cases, the User must accept and understand the nature of the services rendered by MAXISIGNALS.COM and all the related sites as well as the risks the services may carry. We DO NOT intentionally collect, store, use or reveal the personal information about our users, including the users aged under 18. It is parents or tutors' responsibility to supervise their children, to remind them of all the dangers the Internet may present as well as to make sure that the children use 18+ services, including MAXISIGNALS.COM and all the related sites, exclusively under their parents or tutors' supervision or do not use them at all. The Service cannot be used by those people who are not permitted to get access to it under the U.S. Legislation or the legislation of other states, including the countries of residence as well as the countries where the Service is used. When accepting these Terms and Conditions, the User confirms that he/she fully understands all the Terms and Conditions given here and agrees to comply with them at all times.


In order to make use of the Service, the User will need compatible devices, internet access as well as paid access to the restricted area of MAXISIGNALS.COM or some other related websites. Some specific operations and functions may need close adherence, i.e. they have to be followed 100% accurately, without any exclusion and deviation.

Within the scope of a single user and a single account, only one device at a time (simultaneously) is allowed to be used to access the Service. If this condition is violated, the account will be blocked without any money-back option. It is the User's responsibility to make sure that the Terms and Conditions are not violated at all times.


The User can utilize any payment method available in his country and approved by the Service to pay for accessing any paid content and services within the scope of MAXISIGNALS.COM and all the related websites. No payment is subject to money-back irrespective of any conditions and circumstances. This means that once the User has paid for the access to the Service, there is now way to receive any partial or complete refund or to get the payment back. In exchange, after the full payment is 100% complete, the Service is obliged to provide the User with all the purchased services, according to the given Terms and Conditions. In order to minimize the chances of illegal usage of credit/debit cards and to prevent any attempts of violating the Terms and Conditions, we reserve the right to request your billing address confirmation or a copy of your plastic card by fax or mail to confirm your ID and to make sure that this is your credit/debit card.

The User automatically agrees that on paying via PayPal or credit/debit card, the automatic rebilling option is enabled, which means that each time the subscription expires it is going to be automatically extended and the User is going to pay for it automatically through rebilling. The User can disable this option if necessary.


MAXISIGNALS.COM contains third-party advertising content. However, the Service is not responsible for the content, its sources and the links it contains. The advertising content is provided AS IS and it is the owners of this advertising content who are responsible for it. If you want to complain about the ad content, please contact the advertiser or the Service. Also, please read the terms and conditions of those third-party sources since they may contradict our Terms and Conditions and point of view.

Any resources available via links or advertised or otherwise mentioned by MAXISIGNALS.COM, including Forex and binary brokers, are third parties, which have nothing to do with MAXISIGNALS.COM. With that said, MAXISIGNALS.COM cannot influence them directly or indirectly. This means that any recommendations given by such third-party resources have nothing to do with MAXISIGNALS.COM as well, which means that MAXISIGNALS.COM is not responsible for any recommendations given, services rendered or other activities arranged by those third parties especially if they resulted in financial losses or other kind of damage. All MAXISIGNALS.COM clients are personally responsible for choosing any Forex or binary broker they want.


The access to the Service's paid content area is granted after the preliminary payment is complete. The User is strictly forbidden to copy the trading signals generated by the Service and distribute them in any from. The User is also forbidden to provide third parties with the access to his/her account, to organize any shared purchases or shared access to the paid content provided by the Service or any other attempt to violate the Terms and Conditions of the Service. If such violations are revealed, the User's account will be permanently blocked with no money-back opportunities. The Service is monitored by a highly intelligent automatic security system belonging to the Service Administration. The way the system functions is a trade secret.


By becoming a client of the Service, you agree to carry the following responsibilities

without any exclusions and reservations:

You are financially liable for any actions made on behalf of your name an your account, including the decision to stop using the Service.

You must be at least 18 years old and of the full legal age according to the laws of the country you live in. You guarantee that all the personal information provided by you within the scope of the Service is 100% accurate and authentic while you are ready and committed to verify it legally at any time.

You are not allowed to use the content of the Service for speculative purposes, i.e. reselling the access to your account or the content obtained from the Service.

You are forbidden to use the Service for any illegal purposes, including but not limited to sharing any content containing threats, discrimination, harassment, slander, porno, prejudice, racism as well as political and any illegal stuff.

You are not allowed to change, copy, pass, transmit, distribute, sell, share, license and broadcast MAXISIGNALS.COM and all the related sites or any of their parts without the Administration's consent at all times, no exceptions made.


The Service reserves the right to deny the access to any part of MAXISIGNALS.COM and all the related sites for any current or potential client of the Service without explaining the reasons for such a decision. The access denial may me applied without any preliminary notification of the User.


As a client of the Service, you agree to use the Service only the way these Terms and Conditions allow you to do and only within the framework of the laws, acts and common practice of the corresponding jurisdiction. If your use of the Service or any other activities intentionally or unintentionally threaten the capability of MAXISIGNALS.COM to render the Service, the Administration of MAXISIGNALS.COM and all the other related sites has the right to take all the necessary steps to defend the Service, which may result in you getting your access to the Service temporarily suspended. Any further violation may result in permanent access denial with no chance of getting the money back. Once again, the following is strictly forbidden: third-party access, shared purchase and access, unauthorized access and content sharing as well as simultaneous access the the paid content area from multiple (2 or more) devices with different IP addresses or 2 or more individuals.

Within the scope of this Agreement, you get permission to access MAXISIGNALS.COM and all the info provided by it exclusively for personal non-commercial purposes. You are allowed to use multiple devices simultaneously while accessing MAXISIGNALS.COM provided that these devices share the same IP address.

You are allowed to download the data provided by MAXISIGNALS.COM and print it only on condition that this is done exclusively for personal non-commercial purposes while all the digital and printed copies contain the copyright info as well as all the required warnings and notifications.


The Service as well as any of its functions or components may be unaccessible in some languages, countries or parts of the world. MAXISIGNALS.COM doesn't claim that the Service as well as any of its functions or components is accessible in any particular language, country or part of the world. With a glance at the extent to which you have decided to use the Service, it is your initiative and responsibility to comply with the local legislation and to manage your trading and non-trading risks related to your use of the Service.


MAXISIGNALS.COM reserves the right to alter this Legal Agreement as well as the Terms and Conditions at any time. If such changes, extra terms and conditions are about to happen, you will be notified about it. If you accept them, they will take effect immediately and will be included in this Legal Agreement. If you deny the changes, MAXISIGNALS.COM has the right to cancel this Legal Agreement as well as your account and membership.

The User agrees that MAXISIGNALS.COM is not liable to him or any third party for any changes or membership and account termination. If you have paid for the access to the Service while we suspend it or reduce its functionality, we are going to proportionally refund any preliminary payments.

While being a resource aimed at assisting people in trading Forex and binary options online, the Administration and the Developers of the Service do their best to provide you with as accurate and relevant information of premium quality as their expertise allows them to do. However, all the information is provided for consulting purposes only and therefore its 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed.


Any information obtained from MAXISIGNALS.COM or any related website can only be used at your own risk. The trading signals generated by the software used within the scope of the Services cannot give you explicit or implicit guarantees and therefore are provided AS IS. The Service is not liable for your loss of any personal data, money or profits as the result of using the information and services provided by MAXISIGNALS.COM or any related website. The Service doesn't guarantee that the any content provided by the Service is going to come up to your expectations and needs.

The Experts and Administration of the Service draw your attention to the fact that all the content and services provided by the Project cannot be treated as the only source of correct information. It is not the ultimate authority or the standard. Without any doubt, the Experts of the Service work hard to make the Service as accurate, reliable and of high quality as possible. Still, the Administration and Tech Support of the Service are not responsible for any untimely delivery of trading signals by any means for reasons beyond their control. We also ask you to take into account probable issues with delivering trading signals via SMS due to the peculiarities of service functioning on the client side.

MAXISIGNALS.COM cannot guarantee flawless and uninterrupted functioning of the Service at all times. Neither can it guarantee fixing the existing bugs and other problems. You take full responsibility for any use of any information provided by MAXISIGNALS.COM.

You also confirm that you refuse to make any claims against MAXISIGNALS.COM arising from circumstances and reasons beyond the control of MAXISIGNALS.COM, including damaged or malfunctioning communication lines, networks, software or hardware as well as computer viruses, unauthorized access, operator mistakes, poor technical maintenance, hacking, connection issues, force-majeure (poor weather conditions, earthquakes and other natural disasters, strikes, armed conflicts, limitations and actions made by local authorities).

Moreover, under no circumstances MAXISIGNALS.COM can be responsible for any accidental, indirect, emergency or penalty losses (for example, lost profits, damaged or lost software, hardware or information etc.) arising from using or not using the Service provided by MAXISIGNALS.COM or from any delays in providing the Service, even if MAXISIGNALS.COM was warned about the responsibility for such losses or other damage caused as the result of inaccuracies, imperfections, errors or any other information downloaded from MAXISIGNALS.COM.


The major goal of MAXISIGNALS.COM is to provide the Client with detailed information contributing to the improvement of the Client's performance in trading Forex and binary options. The Service also provides the Client with all the detailed information about all the products and services required to let potential clients make their weighted decision regarding the expedience of purchasing paid services rendered by MAXISIGNALS.COM and all the other related websites.


MAXISIGNALS.COM and the other related websites use cookies from time to time for the sake of convenience and simplicity of using the Service. We use them to improve our products and services according to our interests and needs.


We draw your attentional to the fact that financial markets (including Forex and binary options) can be traded only by individuals who are allowed to do so according to local laws. To trade financial markets, you must be at least 18 years old and a citizen of a country where such activities are allowed by local legislation. With that said, before using the Service and trading financial markets, please make sure that you comply with the laws.

This disclaimer is regulated by the laws of England and Wales, which means that by accepting these Terms and Conditions, you admit the jurisdiction of English and Welsh courts.